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What is an endoscopic sinus surgery by Dr. Rizk?

When the sinuses are blocked, they are unable to drain properly. This can lead to repeated infections, which in turn may cause breathing problems, headaches, rhinorrhea (excessive drainage from the nose) and post-nasal drip (excessive drainage from the throat)

Luckily, Dr. Rizk can improve breathing and symptoms of sinusitis through a state-of-the-art technique called endoscopic sinus surgery. This procedure is also known as “functional” endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) due to the fact that it improves the function of the sinuses by enlarging their openings.

Endoscopic sinus surgery involves the insertion of small telescopes with a high-definition camera into the nose. These scopes project an image onto a TV screen in the operating room. In addition, a 3D computed tomography (CT) system may be used to view the sinuses and surrounding structures. Dr. Rizk looks at the sinus openings to see if they are narrowed or blocked. Using special instruments, he can enlarge the openings to restore normal function, and drain the sinuses, if necessary.

For more information on endoscopic sinus surgery by Dr. Rizk, contact his office today.