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What Are Dr. Rizk's Suture Techniques To Change The Shape Of Tip Cartilages?

In the hands of an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Rizk, suture techniques can be an excellent way to refine, narrow and/or reshape the nasal tip cartilages in a safe manner, without adversely affecting breathing.

Suture techniques are often used in patients with bulbous tips, the goal being to give the tip a more triangular shape and/or more definition. Permanent sutures are often placed in the dome area, both above and beneath the tip itself. Often referred to as dome-binding sutures, they can be used to narrow the lower lateral cartilages (bring them closer together), to flatten them, or to reshape them.

One benefit to suturing techniques is that they are often somewhat reversible. If Dr. Rizk doesn’t like the outcome, he can selectively remove certain sutures. Sutures also may leave the nose stronger than it was prior to surgery.

Reshaping the nasal tip often involves suturing in combination with other techniques, such as resecting or reducing cartilage, or using cartilage grafts to achieve elevation. Using a combination of techniques allows Dr. Rizk to rotate, enlarge, narrow or otherwise modify the shape of the nasal tip.