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Rhinoplasty Combined with a Facelift in NYC

Aging has its effects on all parts of the human body. It is said that the age of a person can be judged through his or her face and skin. This is mainly because aging affects the skin and the facial texture the most. When a person grows old, his skin starts sagging or loosening and the face develops wrinkles. One cannot get rid of these aging affects through natural means. The development taking place in science and technology however, has made it possible to get rid of wrinkles and achieve fresh, younger looking skin.

Dr. Sam Rizk is also known for his advanced techniques in facelifts, which are surgical procedures that can be used to reposition the skin around the patient’s face and can also help in the tightening of facial muscles and removal of wrinkles. A facelift essentially involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the chin and neck area so that muscles of the skin can be tightened. However, the face does not consist of only skin and the muscles. So when a person goes in for facial restructuring, the other parts of the face like eyebrows, chin, nose etc. also have to be taken into consideration. Facial rejuvenation is a combination of facelift techniques and other plastic surgery methods like rhinoplasty, brow lift, lip lift, blepharoplasty, etc.

Rhinoplasty in older patients can have a significant impact on the appearance of youth and adds significant harmony to a nicely defined jawline after a facelift. As we age, the nose drops and appears longer and the skin thickens and the nose appears bulkier. To define and refine the nose, it typically can be done without breaking it in older patients and hence, the recovery is much quicker. The tip is lifted from incisions inside the nose and it is then defined by special grafts and/or stiches. The endonasal technique (closed) surgery is the best approach with the most rapid recovery for the aging nose and can greatly enhance a defined jawline from a facelift.

Nose surgery in combination with a facelift requires a patient to consult a well qualified surgeon. Once the surgeon is selected, the patient must have a consultation to know what type of surgeries are required for the improvement of the patient’s appearance. The patient must be aware of the results of the surgery and know what to expect from the surgical procedures. The patient should also know about the cost of these procedures. The patient needs to take proper care after the surgeries have been performed to ensure that they are successful and for the best possible results of both the facelift.

Dr. Rizk has helped many satisfied patients have a younger and more attractive appearance. He points out that, as a result, these procedures help people improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.