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History of Rhinoplasty

The word Rhinoplasty has been derived from Greek words 'Rhinos' and 'Plassein', where 'Rhinos' means Nose and 'Plassein' means to shape. Rhinoplasty therefore means to reshape the nose. This is a surgical method of improving either the function of nose or giving the nose a better shape. This type of surgery can take the form of either reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery. It can be performed on a person to either improve the person’s appearance or to treat birth defects, breathing problems and other problems related with the nose.

This procedure can be performed under a general or local anesthesia. The surgery can be performed in two ways. These include closed and open approach. In open approach to this surgical method, incisions are made across columella which is the skin that separates nostrils. In the closed approach, incisions are made inside nostrils. The cartilage and bones of nose are then reshaped accordingly to give nose a better shape and functionality. The incisions are then sutured by the surgeon.

This surgical process has a long history. This is one of the main reasons for it to have evolved as one of the safest surgical methods known today. Rhinoplasty is believed to have been first developed by a physician known by the name of Sushruta. The surgeon lived in India and developed this surgical process around 500 BC. It is believed that he and his students used plastic surgery to reconstruct noses that had been amputated as punishments for crimes committed. This surgery became more popular in 1800s when doctors in America and Europe started doing experimental surgeries to reshape the nose and improve its appearance and its functionality.

The first nose surgical procedure was performed in the year 1887 by John Orlando Roe. Later in 1898, Jacques Joseph used it as a cosmetic surgery procedure to reshape the nose of those people who thought their nose size and shape was a matter of embarrassment. Plastic surgery became very popular during the First World War. Many soldiers were hurt from bullets and got their noses wounded. The surgeons had to perform this surgery on these soldiers to give their noses a better shape or to heal them. During this time, many surgeons made rapid technological advancements in the way this surgery was carried out. With these advancements, the process of surgery was made safer.

When first developed, the surgery cost a lot and could be afforded by only the rich or the famous. Since 1950 till today, the process of rhinoplasty has been improved upon by technological and cultural advances. These days, plastic surgery can be done on any kind of patients, irrespective of the cultural and financial background. These days the surgery has become quiet cost effective. Today, it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that both men and women opt for. The main reason is that it is considered to be a safe as well as an effective surgery that shows good results for the patient on whom it is performed.