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Photo Gallery - Women

Individual results and healing process varies depending on skin thickness, other factors, and in revision surgery, amount of scar tissue.


26 year old female patient had a long nose with a drooping tip. She is shown here before her procedure, six months after her procedure and then two years later.

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Latino female in early 20’s had rhinoplasty to reshape her nose and reduce the size of her nostril. She had thick skin and poor tip support, which were both corrected during her rhinoplasty. She sent her photo three years after her procedure.

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53 year old female patient had a revision rhinoplasty to improve her front and profile view. She had a crooked bulbous tip and a saddle nose and underwent an open approach where multiple cartilage grafts were taken from her ear and septum to help build and make her nose straight.

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26 year old female patient pictured above a week after her rhinoplasty and septoplasty procedure. She had an endoscopic rhinoplasty that removed her bump and defined her tip. Sutures and tip grafts were used to help support her tip and to stop postoperative tip drippings. Her septoplasty procedure helped fix her nasal obstruction.


24 year old female patient of Italian descent wanted a rhinoplasty to correct a bulbous tip, nasal bump and shorten the length of her nose. She is shown two weeks after surgery. Notice her profile has dramatically improved, her nose is now shorter and she has a more defined tip, even though she is still swollen. It takes up to a year for swelling to go away.

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14 year old female patient had parents’ approval for rhinoplasty to decrease the size of her nose and to improve her breathing. She is shown here four weeks after endoscopic/endonasal rhinoplasty surgery. Improvement can be seen although she is still swollen.


17 year old female was troubled by the size and length of her nose. She is shown here six months post-op with a more artistic nose and a more satisfying nasolabial angle.


29 year old Asian female patient had a flat dorsum and tip underwent a rhinoplasty with a dorsal septal cartilage implant and tip cartilage grafts to help define and support thick Asian skin. She is shown one year after her surgery, with a noticeable increase in tip projection. The angles between her nose, forehead and upper lip all appear natural.


26 year old female underwent rhinoplasty to correct bump and boxy tip deformities. She is shown two years after her surgery.


27 year old actress wanted a rhinoplasty and to reduce her nostril size. She is shown one year after rhinoplasty and nostril reduction.

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26 year old female patient had a revision rhinoplasty to correct a collapse right side as well as droopy tip. Cartilage was used to support tip and to correct the collapse on the right side of the nose. She is shown two months after revision rhinoplasty and will take one year to completely heal.


15 year old female patient had a rhinoplasty, neck liposuction and chin implant. She is shown one year after her procedures.


54 year old interior designer had baggy eyelids after fat was removed and lower eyelid laser resurfacing to help tighten the skin. She had a lower blepharoplasty, revision rhinoplasty with tip lift, and facelift/neck lift. She is seen here two years after surgery.


30 year old female who had thick skin is shown preoperative and six months postoperative. She had an open approach rhinoplasty and defatting the skin helped to get a better result.


24 year old female patient had a droopy and asymmetrical nasal tip. Patient had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery to correct a deviated septum which shifts her nose to the right. She is shown pre-op and six months post-op.


22 year old female patient had a large droopy nasal tip, an underprojected nose where the distance from the tip to face decreased, and thick skin. She underwent rhinoplasty to refine her tip, remove her bump and adjusted her nostril so there was an ideal angle between the nose and face for a female. Cartilage from her septum was also used to help her increase tip projection. She is shown six months after rhinoplasty.


55 year old female patient complained about an over rotated nose, pointy tip, saddle nose and difficulty breathing due to an earlier rhinoplasty. She underwent a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Rizk where multiple cartilage grafts were taken from her ear and septum to build her tip. It also helped elongate her nose and move it down. Her breathing had also improved by fixing the external nasal valve collapse, which is when the skin of the nose collapse due to excessive removal of cartilage.


45 year old female patient due to an earlier rhinoplasty surgery had too much bone removed and not enough cartilage on the area above the tip. Her right nostril was also asymmetrical. An auricular/ear cartilage graft was used to repair the bony area and her nose was lengthened with a caudal septal cartilage graft. Her right nostril was reduced to make her nose more symmetrical.


24 year old female patient had a tension nose, and is overprojected and overrotated with an overgrown tip. She underwent a rhinoplasty and chin implant procedure. An endonasal approach was performed with no external incisions and her nose was deprojected/move in closer to her face. Her tip was reduced with tip-binding stitches that will help define the tip even more. Small incisions were made under her chin for the chin implant. She is shown six months after rhinoplasty and chin implant. Her will nose will become more defined at a year.


35 year old female patient who had rhinoplasty when she was 15 had too much cartilage removed which resulted in a severely pinched tip, a very short nose, and a scooped out area on the left side of her nostril. A bilateral lower lateral cartilage graft fixed the pinched tip, a caudal septal extension graft from her septum helped lengthen the nose, and a left alar rim cartilage graft fixed the scooped out hole. Her post-op pictures show her nine months after revision rhinoplasty with an open approach rhinoplasty.


50 year old Asian female wanted a refined nasal bridge and tip. She is shown four months after her open rhinoplasty procedure with tip grafting, nostril reduction and dorsal medpor implant. Tip grafting was performed using her own cartilage.


30 year old female patient had a large bump and long nose before surgery. She is shown six months after her rhinoplasty procedure.


22 year old female patient had a flat bifid tip, a bony nasal bump, and a cartilaginous saddle which could be seen in her profile view. She is shown five years after her septo-rhinoplasty surgery with cartilage graft to fix the cartilaginous saddle deformity.


53 year old female patient wanted to improve her tip and shorten her nose because she felt her nose grew longer as she aged. She had a bulbous thick tip and a drooping nasal tip which were corrected with rhinoplasty. She is shown one month after her surgery where her tip was lifted and her nose was shortened. Her tip was sculpted and defined and will continue to become more defined for a year.


43 year old female patient had a noticeable saddle deformity and she did not have enough septal cartilage to use for reconstructive rhinoplasty. It was corrected using banked rib cartilage and temporalis fascia, which are soft tissues obtained from above her ear. After her surgery, her bump was reduced, her nose was straightened, and the cartilaginous saddle collapse was rebuilt. Dr. Rizk shaped the rib cartilage using specific surgical instruments to attain smoother results instead of using typical surgical knives.


25 year old female interested in reducing her hump and also shortening her nose as well as refining her tip slightly. Patient of ethnic descent seeking ethnic rhinoplasty such as Indians do not generally like ski-slope noses or pinched nasal tips-it is a stigma in their society. This patient, although she is not a revision rhinoplasty, interestingly has 2 indentations in her tip, which were corrected with cartilage grafts from her septum. The lower lateral cartilages were concave creating these indentations. Result is shown 8 months following rhinoplasty.


30 year old female who underwent previous rhinoplasty who presented to Dr. Rizk for secondary septoplasty and rhinoplasty with an inverted v deformity, collapse of her external nasal valves, a nasal hump, and a hanging columella, and pinched nasal tip. Patient had trouble breathing as well. Patient is shown 1 year after revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty with grafts to correct the collapsed middle nasal vault and external nasal valves.


25 year old Indian female who wanted a front view improvement in her nasal tip with more definition. Patient underwent rhinoplasty to refine her nose bridge, tip and a conservative nostril reduction and is shown 1 year after rhinoplasty.


Our 30 year old Hispanic female patient underwent rhinoplasty surgery to reduce the appearance of her nasal bump, wide nostrils and correct her saddle nose tip. Dr. Rizk performed an ethnic rhinoplasty using structural nasal grafts. Traditional excision techniques would not achieve natural results such as this. Our patient is shown 4 months after surgery with a more refined and proportional nose.


25 year old women undergoes ethnic rhinoplasty for a stronger nasal profile. She wanted more tip definition and to minimize the sides of her nostrils. A customized medpor implant was created by Dr. Rizk during the procedure. This set of photos is the patient just one year after the procedure.


16 year old female patient had an accident causing nose deformity and difficulty breathing from a deviated septum. She underwent a rhinoplasty to reconstruct her bridge. Along with the rhinoplasty, she had a septoplasty which repaired her deviated nasal septum and improved her breathing. These pictures show the patient after 3 months post-surgery.


A female patient, 37 years old disliked her profile and wanted to change it. Dr. Rizk administered a bump reduction to her nose and a chin implant for facial balance. The patient’s progress is photographed at 1 year after the procedure.


15 year old female patient underwent rhinoplasty to lessen the nasal bump, refine her nasal a tip and fix a breathing issue that resulted from an injury. Dr. Rizk performed a rhinoplasty along with a septoplasty. The patient is shown 5 years apart.


21 Year old Hispanic women decided on a facial profile change. She wanted to remove her nasal bump and undergo a conservative approach for a tip refinement. Dr. Rizk considered this procedure to be an ethnic rhinoplasty due to the thick tip skin. The patient is shown 1 year post procedure.


32 years old female patient with previous rhinoplasty procedures done wanted to change her asymmetrical nasal tip and difficulty breathing. Dr. Rizk performed a septorhinoplasty to create a balanced appearance and correct her breathing issues. In the photos, she is shown 1 year after the procedure.


This 23 year old women requested to add definition to her face by adjusting her nasal profile. A rhinoplasty was performed with auricular graft, as the patient’s own septum was too thin, to give her more facial definition. The pictures of the patient after one year post treatment.


Patient is 23 year old African American female who wanted to reduce the size of her nose. She underwent an open rhinoplasty with grafts. Dr. Rizk reduced the alar base and slimmed the nasal bridge.


32 year old female patient was not happy with her tip and dorsal hump and had a rhinoplasty procedure. Above are her postoperative pictures six months after surgery.


25 year old female underwent rhinoplasty to correct her nasal bump. The bump was reduced, nasal project corrected, and nasal tip lifted. Photo is from 3 years after surgery.


She underwent rhinoplasty to refine tip lift, dropping tip, and narrow nose.


Revision Rhinoplasty patient shown 6 days later. Preoperative picture shows pollybeak deformity and dropping nasal tip. Bulbous tip which is asymmetric. Patient is still swollen 6 days later, but is ecstatic with her revision rhinoplasty.


Female patient who had a Primary Rhinoplasty. Photos shown here are 6 days after surgery. Bump Removal, Tip Refinement, Lifting hanging tip, narrowing bridge and tip. Patient still swollen.


45 yo patient presents for revision rhinoplasty unhappy with her scooped bridged, turned up nose, and hanging columella. Patient underwent revision septorhinoplasty - open approach with grafts. The patient is shown 1 year post revision open rhinoplasty shown with correction of saddle, elongating the short nose, and correcting the hanging columella.


This patient had 3 prior rhinoplasty surgeries and underwent a 4 the revision endonasal rhinoplasty with Dr. Rizk to improve her profile. Patient has retracted nostrils, hanging columella and pollybeak as indicated on the preoperative picture with arrows. Postoperative picture shows correction of hanging columella and pollybeak as well as improvement in retracted nostrils with rim grafts.


She is 10 days after open rhinoplasty and alar base reduction.


22 yo female one year after rhinoplasty to reduce and refine nose tip, remove bump, and deproject nasal tip.


19 yo patient who underwent rhinoplasty, chin implant and neck liposuction happy with her results sent her own pictures


Revision Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant. 28-year-old patient is shown 1 week after having revision rhinoplasty to deproject nose and raise scooped bridge. A subtle small chin implant can balance profile in an excessively over projected nose even when its deprojected.


17-year-old patient shown 1 year after Rhinoplasty to raise dropping bump.


24-year-old female who underwent revision Rhinoplasty to deproject her tip, derotate it, and raise her bridge.


Open Rhinoplasty with bump removal. Tip refinement with slight tip lift.


17-year-old female underwent rhinoplasty to remove bump, deproject and slightly lift tip, all done through endonasal approach. Patient is shown 1 year after surgery.


Our patient 6 months after her rhinoplasty procedure. I did an open rhino to lift her drooping tip. I also removed bump to contour and create a more pleasant tip in addition with neck liposuction.


Rhinoplasty to address bump removal, droopy tip, and deprojecting nose. Patient is shown 1 year after open rhinoplasty.


Ethnic rhinoplasty patient with bump and droopy tip underwent rhinoplasty and shown 1 week after open rhinoplasty. Septal cartilage was used to support tip as grafts.


This beautiful model and Ms Angola, who was a contestant for Miss Universe, wanted a more refined nose. She underwent ethnic rhinoplasty with nostril reduction, and cartilage grafts to define tip. She sent post-operative pictures, more than 2 years post-surgery. Shown here is only her front view, as that was her only concern. No change was done to profile.


Patient came from London for rhinoplasty and sent us a follow up picture 1 year after open rhinoplasty with banked rib cartilage and alar base reduction

Disclaimer: The images viewed on this page are actual patients of Dr. Rizk who have given consent to show their images on this website. Dr. Rizk respects the privacy of his patients and has blocked the eyes to conceal some of his patient's identities.