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Photo Gallery - Men

Individual results and healing process varies depending on skin thickness, other factors, and in revision surgery, amount of scar tissue.


A patient one year after a rhinoplasty was performed to reduce a bump, slightly lift a dropping tip, and refine the tip. The priority was to maintain a masculine nose.

25 year old male patient had difficulty breathing due to multiple injuries to the nose. He had multiple collapsed areas on his nose and a saddle nose abnormality. Patient is shown two weeks after rhinoplasty and septoplasty where a 3 dimensional open approach was used to help fix his collapsed areas with multiple cartilage grafts.


27 year old male patient was mainly concerned with the bump on his nose and his drooping tip. He is shown one month after surgery using 3D high definition endonasal approach, where incisions were only made inside the nose. Patient was shown to have a deviated septum that caused difficulty breathing on a CT scan, which was also corrected during the same procedure.

47 year old male patient, who had very thick skin, wanted to improve his profile view where he had a drooping tip and his front view where he had a bulbous tip. His postoperative picture is of him four years after rhinoplasty which was done through an endonasal approach, where the incisions were made inside his nose. His tip was lifted and shaped using a combination of cartilage reduction and stitching and tip grafting to support his new tip and to help strengthen it. Because of his thick skin, skin defatting was also performed to help further define his tip.


27 year old male patient was unhappy with the bump on his nose as well as the length and wanted subtle improvement. He is shown here six months after rhinoplasty.

33 year old Hispanic male patient was unhappy with the length of his nose and the large bump on it. He is shown here one year after his procedure.


55 year old male patient had a revision rhinoplasty using 3D endoscopic approach to help correct a pollybeak deformity. Because of the loss of tip support, multiple grafts were used in the tip to form the septum. He also had a nasal valve collapse and a deviated nasal septum, which were both corrected at the same time as his revision rhinoplasty with cartilage grafts in his nasal valve.

25 year old male patient had a nasal fracture along with a deviated nose to his right wanted the removal of his nasal bump and a more defined tip. He is shown here one year after rhinoplasty with the bump removed and his nose straightened. However, his nose was too short on profile and was elongated a few millimeters. The procedure was done with an endonasal approach where his tip was defined with a cartilage tip graft from his own septum and his nose was brought close to his face.


26 year old male patient requested a profile change and had a deviated nasal septum which made breathing difficult. He had an endonasal rhinoplasty to remove his cartilage bump and had cartilage placed in his tip to balance out his nose. He had poor tip support and a drooping nasal tip which required cartilage grafting, which was taken from his septum and his deviated septum was repaired at this time too.

Our 18 years old male patient underwent a septorhinoplasty to reduce the appearance of a nasal bump and to improve his breathing. The results show him 1 year post-surgery. Notice that his nose maintain its masculine features.

The photos above illustrate a 22 year old male who wished to improve his breathing, drooping nose tip and nasal bump. Patient is shown 6 months after septoplasty and rhinoplasty done through endonasal approach.

26 yo male rhinoplasty patient who complains of bump and drooping nose underwent rhinoplasty and tip support and rotation shown 1 year following surgery.

This is a patient who sustained a nose fracture and underwent Rhinoplasty to straighten the nose shown one year postoperatively.

Male celebrity hair stylist who wanted to remove his bump and lift the dropping tip- Patient shown 2 weeks after endonasal rhinoplasty.

Patient wanted nose bump removed and septoplasty to breathe better. Patient has a history of nasal fracture injury. Patient is shown 9 months after endonasal rhinoplasty/ septoplasty and he is very happy with shape and breathing. Results are very natural and still masculine.

Rhinoplasty- patient shown 6 days after open rhinoplasty for bump, droopy tip and tip refinement. Patient is still swollen and tip will drop over next few months.

19 year old male patient had a drooping nasal tip with thick skin who wanted to improve his front and profile view. He had a septo-rhinoplasty with a septal cartilage graft on his nasal tip to help with support and 3D endoscopic approach to help define his nose.

Patient is shown one year after revision rhinoplasty, after multiple injuries. This revision rhinoplasty required multiple cartilage grafts to correct the collapsed areas, resulting in his nose being more straight and his breathing improved.

17 yo male shown 1 week after rhinoplasty and chin implant. This combination is a game-changer in boosting self confidence.

Patient is 1 week after chin implant and neck liposuction to project and define jawline.

Disclaimer: The images viewed on this page are actual patients of Dr. Rizk who have given consent to show their images on this website. Dr. Rizk respects the privacy of his patients and has blocked the eyes to conceal some of his patient's identities.