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The Aging Nose & Rhinoplasty In Older Patients

How Does the Nose Age?

Many people believe that the nose grows as we age, however instead of growing, the tip of the nose drops and elongates due to the gravity as we age. By the time a person reaches the age of 50 or 60, the skin will lose its elasticity and the soft tissue underneath will be stretching and weakening. Some of that skin starts drooping around the tip of the nose and that might appear in some people as a “bump” as it lowers the nose’s tip.

Another contributing factor which can not be denied, influencing the nose’s appearance, is the stretching and lengthening of the “smile muscle” as we perform this action thousands of times over the year. It further deteriorates the overall look of the nose, in combination with gravity.

The only way to bring back your youthful look and prevent some of the future nose drooping is to perform a cosmetic surgery. If you want to achieve a total facial harmony you should consider combining the surgery with facelift and eyelift in older ages.

As we age, the nasal skin thickens and the ligaments and structures that hold the tip in its youthful position start to weaken, resulting in dropping of the tip. Also the bone under the tip and above the teeth (maxilla) loses volume and that further drops the tip. When the tip drops, it gives the appearance as if the nose developed a BUMP. In actuality, the nose did not develop the bump, but the relative position of the dorsum as compared to a "dropped tip" gives the appearance of a bump, so it is a "relative bump or pseudo-bump". Either way, this tip drop can make a person look much older.

Plastic nasal surgery in older patients can make a dramatic difference with other procedures such as a facelift, necklift or eyelid surgery. It involves only tip work to elevate the tip with cartilage grafts and DOES NOT INVOLVE BREAKING the nasal bones, and has a very rapid recovery (5 days). It is nearly painless with the 3D endoscopic technology. Further reasons to perform surgical procedure in older patients is also for breathing. As the tip drops, it also collapses certain areas of the nose with weak support and adversely affects breathing. A patient can do this test by pushing upwards on his/her tip to note the improvement in breathing and quality of life.

Both the functional as well as cosmetic improvements in this aging rapid recovery rhinoplasty are reasons to consider the procedure performed in 3D by Castle Connolly selected Top Plastic surgeon Dr Sam Rizk.


  • Rhinoplasty In Older Patients - Before and After Photos

    75 yo male interested in improving his drooping nose and loose neck. Patient wants a very natural procedure. Patient underwent endonasal surgery to lift nose tip and bump reduction conservatively as well as a lower facelift and necklift. Patient is shown 6 months postoperatively.


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