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Why Celebrities Get Nose Jobs FAQs

Why do celebrities get nose jobs?
Celebrities are constantly in the public eye while being filmed and photographed for work and by the paparazzi. The constant attention and criticism puts a lot of pressure on celebrities to look their very best. Celebrities must sell both their charisma and appearance in order to be successful. Thus a nose job may be necessary to restore facial harmony and boost self-confidence. Additionally, if a celebrity has broken their nose in an accident, it is crucial that they have their nose repaired so they can continue marketing themselves successfully. Celebrities are no different than ordinary people – they carry the same insecurities and equally desire an appearance that they feel comfortable with.

How common is it for celebrities to undergo rhinoplasty?
It seems to be fairly common for celebrities to have a nose job, but very few of them actually confirm that they have had one. Since celebrities are photographed so frequently, it’s easy to compare “before and after” photos and to speculate on whether or not they have had a nose job. Many celebrities have confirmed that they have had a deviated septum repaired, and many times the nose looks different afterwards. Celebrities who have confirmed that they have undergone surgery to correct a deviated septum include Jennifer Anniston and Cameron Diaz. We can only speculate if they underwent the surgery for purely functional reasons, or if cosmetic factors drove the decision.

Are there any drawbacks to celebrities undergoing a nose job?
Sometimes fans feel disappointed when their favorite celebrity suddenly appears in public with a slightly different appearance. Additionally, many people are vocal in their criticism of rhinoplasty, thus public criticism of the celebrity’s decision to undergo plastic surgery may be discussed in various news outlets. In the end, the decision to undergo rhinoplasty is extremely personal and must be decided after serious thought and discussions between the individual and their doctor.

Has Dr. Sam Rizk performed rhinoplasties on any celebrities?
Understandably, celebrities and other high profile figures insist upon absolute anonymity when they decide to undergo a nose job or any cosmetic procedure. Dr. Rizk has performed a number of surgeries on actresses, models, and other public figures. He and his staff respect the wishes of his patients and will not reveal any information about the celebrities he has worked with.

What special considerations have to be considered when performing a rhinoplasty on a celebrity?
Often times, celebrities do not wish to look dramatically different after their nose job. They seek improvement and enhanced facial harmony, but do not wish to change any of their major identifying features, which have already helped make them famous. Using the latest 3D technology, Dr. Rizk ensures that he can provide all of his patients with the most precise and accurate surgery that will contribute to predictable and satisfactory results. Another advantage of utilizing 3D techniques is that the recovery time is often shorter, allowing the celebrity to resume their normal activities as quickly as possible.