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Non Surgical Nose Job: Benefits And Risks

non surgical nose job
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Non Surgical Nose Job Risks By Dr. Sam Rizk, NYC

A non-surgical nose job is an alternative that was developed in the last several years to traditional rhinoplasty surgery. It has some clear advantages – simple and quick procedure, faster results, minimal healing time and a relatively inexpensive procedure. Results may vary depending on the type of the injections that are used with each individual. Non-surgical nose jobs can be done with either Restylane/Juvederm that usually lasts for six months or with Radiance injectable fillers that are expected to lasts up to two years and are used to smooth out and refine imperfections. The patient is fully awake while being injected and it is a quick procedure that some doctors perform in one minute. It usually does not cause nose bleeds or persistent swelling, and there is usually no long term scarring complications.

However, the non-surgical nose job is not a permanent change but it is an opportunity for patients to try out and see the change in their overall look before committing to a permanent nose surgery. In addition, most patients who are interested in a non surgical nose job are judged by experienced surgeons not to be good candidates for several reasons. For example, the procedure can only increase the size of the nose, not decrease it or change bone structure.

There are also risks that come along if the procedure goes wrong. Top nose job doctor Dr. Samieh Rizk explains that the non-surgery nose job cannot be applied to people who have major nasal deformities and those who are looking to significantly reduce the size of their nose. Before making a decision to undergo a non-surgical nose job, consult with a plastic surgeon since the procedure can sometimes cause inflammation and make it harder to have a permanent rhinoplasty surgery at a later stage. Even an experienced non surgical nose job NYC doctor may not be able to address specific areas of the nose such as the tip, length or width of the nose due to the nature of the procedure.

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