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How To Get Natural Results From A Nose Surgery?

Dr. Rizk does not like a scooped (saddle nose) or pointy nasal tips resulting from excessive tissue removal. His philosophy focuses on a more beautiful, soft and balanced nose in harmony with the patient's face and chin. Dr. Rizk has pioneered a 3D high definition nose surgery approach, where he uses specialized camera and telescope systems to achieve a precise and natural result. Additionally, he uses a specialized micro-filing shaver, which helps to smooth edges of all implants or grafts he uses, which are all customized, thereby leaving no visible sharp edges or pointy areas. Furthermore, by customizing the implants or cartilage grafts, Dr. Rizk creates different noses for every patient because he feels small, medium and large to describe implants is not adequate and the actual shape of the implant or graft is personally sculpted by Dr. Rizk. This comes naturally to Dr. Rizk, as he is a sculptor in his personal life.

Not getting a smooth and natural result is one of the patient's greatest fears when it comes to nose surgery. When patients complete the healing process and after getting rid of all the bandages, what would be their friends, co-workers and family members’ opinions about their new appearance. First of all, it is very important to avoid bad plastic surgery by choosing a surgeon certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, preferably also board certified in Ears, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology) surgery who has extensive knowledge of nose surgery since it is one of the most difficult procedures, compared to other types of facial surgery. Surgeons who are double board certified will understand and are able to correct both external cosmetic problems and the internal functional problems like a deviated nasal septum or sinus problems. The surgeon should have good reputation and experience in treating functional problems and cosmetic issues. It is also important during consultation with the surgeon you chose to share your aesthetic sense of beauty and make sure he/she understands your expectations before committing to have a nose job done.

You should also go over the surgeon’s portfolio of before & after pictures, review patients that have done nose jobs with him/her and see if they look natural and if you like the surgeon’s artistic approach. Computer imaging is also one of the best tools to communicate with your surgeon, sharing your goals and asking for his professional opinion as to what is possible to achieve. A good nose job should make you look better physically and it should also make you feeling better with your new appearance.

The following are some helpful tips as to how to get natural results from a nose surgery:

  • The degree between the nose and the forehead should make a nice angle as well as the space between the nose and the upper lip should match your overall look.

  • The nose should not look too pointy and from the base to the tip, it should be soft looking.

  • The level of the nose’s bridge should not be too high or too low, in consideration of your overall facial appearance.

  • The length of the nose should fit to the overall look on the patient’s face.

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