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Injuring the nose, or at least taking a little knock, following rhinoplasty is not uncommon. Small children, spouses and others may inadvertently bump into you while you are still healing from your nose surgery. Though the nose is vulnerable to trauma for several months after your rhinoplasty procedure, bumping the nose during this time is unlikely to cause severe damage. However, if it’s more than that, an injury to the nose can definitely affect the cosmetic result.

So do you need to undergo revision rhinoplasty if you injure your nose following rhinoplasty? It depends on the type of injury and how long after surgery it occurred. While it’s natural for the nasal structures to shift on their own for several weeks following your procedure, a shift caused by injury may require surgery to repair. A more serious blow causing a fracture can also require surgery.

The only way to know for sure if you need to undergo revision rhinoplasty as a result of your injury is to go in for an evaluation with the nose surgeon who performed your procedure. Certain minor problems may be addressed; however, your surgeon may advise you to wait up to a year after the original procedure before making a decision to have surgery. This is the same amount of time you would have had to wait if you hadn’t injured yourself because, with or without injury, it can take a year or more for the swelling to subside and the final results of your primary rhinoplasty procedure to appear. Your rhinoplasty surgeon typically cannot fully and accurately assess your situation until the swelling has gone down.

If your injury does require a revision rhinoplasty procedure, you may need to seek help from a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in nose surgery. While all rhinoplasty procedures are complex, revision rhinoplasty is even more complex. Some facial plastic surgeons consider it to be the most complex of all plastic surgeries.

For the time being, contact the surgeon who performed the original procedure if you are concerned about your injury.