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Finding the Best Revision Rhinoplasty: A Guide

Revision rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the more complicated plastic surgeries.

It is critical that you see a facial plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience performing secondary or revision rhinoplasty. Sam Rizk, MD, FACS, fits the bill. Dr. Rizk is a double board certified New York facial plastic surgeon and is the director of Park Avenue Facial Surgery, PLLC.

If you are coming to see Dr. Rizk for revision rhinoplasty from as close as New York City, Scarsdale, Manhasset or as far away from China, Russia, London or Sweden, you have done your research. Many patients travel both near or far to have revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Rizk.

Some people may opt for secondary or tertiary nose surgery for cosmetic or functional concerns. Your revision operation may be a minor touch-up or could be a major overhaul. There is no road map for revision rhinoplasty. Each surgery is unique. Finding the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon is the number one way to maximize your satisfaction with the aesthetic or functional results of your surgery and minimize its risks.

Remember that experience counts. Ask Dr. Rizk or any surgeon how many revision rhinoplasty procedures they perform each month, and ask to see before and after photos. You can also ask to speak with former revision rhinoplasty patients. Finally, make sure your surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

When considering revision surgery, timing is important. Your surgeon will advise you to wait at least one year from your primary nose surgery to make sure that all the swelling has abated before planning your secondary or revision rhinoplasty procedure.

During your consultation, Dr. Rizk will examine your nose and listen to your reasons for wanting a secondary surgery. He will tell you what, in his estimation, is and is not possible. You will also discuss the details of the revision surgery including the estimated time in the operating room, your recovery as well as the cost of the revision rhinoplasty. He has technology which can help you visualize what your new nose will look like.

Before you book your surgery, make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you are 100 percent clear on what you can and can not do in the days leading upon to your revision rhinoplasty.