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Can Fillers Correct an Inverted V Deformity?

The short answer is yes fillers can be used to correct an inverted V- deformity, but New York City facial plastic surgeon, Sam Rizk, MD, FACS, typically prefers a surgical approach. Dr. Rizk is a double board certified New York facial plastic surgeon and is director of Park Avenue Facial Surgery, PLLC. He is a highly sought after expert for primary and revision rhinoplasty, and many seek consultations from as close as the tri-state area to as far as Dubai.

Dr. Rizk is often asked about the best way to correct an inverted V deformity. This usually occurs after a surgeon removes a hump and fractures the nasal bones. The trauma often leads to destabilization of the upper lateral cartilages which form the sides of the bridge of nose.

Yes, fillers may seem like a quick fix for correcting this deformity, but they are anything but a fix. For example, the results are not permanent. Volume from hyaluronic-acid-based fillers lasts for about six months, typically. What’s more, fillers are imprecise. They can actually make your nose appear larger; create inflammation and scar tissue which can make surgery more difficult in the future. Fillers can also move around in the nose.

In the right hands, injections may camouflage an inverted V deformity, but surgery is a permanent, precise and predictable solution to this problem. In some cases, Dr. Rizk approaches this deformity by surgically placing a dorsal cartilage on top of the bridge of the nose, which serves to narrow the nose and widen the middle nasal vault.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to correct an inverted V deformity. The best and only way to maximize your satisfaction with the results of your secondary nose surgery is to choose a top-notch expert like Dr. Rizk. During the consultation, your surgeon will analyze your nasal structure and facial anatomy. He or she will listen to your aesthetic and functional concerns and develop a personalized plan to correct the deformity. Make sure you ask to see before-and-after photos of patients who have been treated for inverted V deformity by the same surgeon. Also ask about the recovery and costs for the procedure.

Patients who seek Dr. Rizk’s surgical expertise benefit from his surgical know how and his aesthetic eye.