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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialized sphere of nasal plastic surgery. It is a complex type of surgery due to various factors that must be taken into consideration. There are billions of people but each and every person has his/her unique appearance. Ethnic rhinoplasty is based on researching the specific features of the nose in a concrete ethnic background, which enables the rhinoplasty procedure to be more accurate, complying with the desires of patients and allowing them to have a nose that will be considered beautiful and will match their facial features. African, Asian, and Hispanic people have certain nasal features that make them different from those found amongst Caucasian people. Dr. Rizk has great experience with all types of noses and he will explain in your consultation what kind of considerations would be taken into account when he performs your surgery.

African-American Rhinoplasty

African-American nose is typically characterized by a broader and flatter nasal tip with larger nostrils that overpowers other facial features, and a broad and flat nasal bridge that can even disappear when a person is viewed in profile.

To improve the overall facial harmony and reduce the appearance of an "overpowering" nose, Dr. Rizk rearranges or adds the transplanted cartilage (extracted from the nasal bridge, ears, or ribs) as well as artificial materials to the bridge to raise its height. Surgeons can also attach cartilage on the tip so the nostrils will look gently smaller as it provides a vertical support.

Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian nose is usually very small in relation with overall facial features, and it has a wide, flat dorsum, thin and weak cartilage, and wide nostrils. Also, it has a lower, flatter and almost undefined nasal bridge.

These unique features usually require rhinoplasty specialists to use a surgical approach that would only define the tip and bridge by enlarging their size. But sometimes the nostrils should be corrected if they overpower the other facial features.

Dr. Rizk takes into consideration the softness of the features of Asian appearance which can be spoiled by making a nose which is too obtrusive and peaky that it almost looks like a Caucasian nose. He does his best to make one's nose look as natural as possible.

Hispanic Rhinoplasty

Hispanic nose is usually characterized by a wide nasal bridge, thick nasal skin, and a wide and thick nasal base.

If the bridge of the nose needs building up, then grafting material is utilized. To provide better tip definition special implants are usually necessary. In addition, the nostrils are often diminished in size to be in harmony with the other nose features.