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Customized Rhinoplasty for Your Needs

Rhinoplasty can correct the obvious cosmetic issues of how the nose looks and whether it is in proportion with the other facial features, as well as functional problems including breathing obstructions and traumatic injuries. Expert New York Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk usually recommends to wait until age 14 for girls and 16 for boys – as girls often tend to mature sooner than boys. The nose may not be fully developed at a younger age.

The most common reasons to undertake a rhinoplasty procedure is to correct a nose that is crooked, too large or too wide for your face, a bump on the bridge, a profile that is out of proportion, a droopy or thick tip, and flared nostrils. As you age, the supportive structures of the nose diminish, and the shape and position will ultimately change. The nose may appear longer and the tip eventually comes down. To do an optimal rhinoplasty is not just all about making the nose smaller anymore. Some noses need to be lengthened, augmented or narrowed for the best look.

The result is a customized approach to the nose, as perfected by Top New York Facial Plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk. You can achieve a very natural looking nasal correction, instead of the very obvious 'nose job' look of years ago. Previous nasal surgery may also be corrected by a second operation, so you don’t have to live with a nose you don’t like. New York rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk specializes in rhinoplasty in teens as well as adults, and secondary rhinoplasty operations that require superior skills and expertise. He is best known for his quick recovery rhinoplasty procedure where patients may return to work or school within a week in most cases. Dr. Rizk has developed a specialized program that he offers prospective patients called the Nose Visualizer. This program on allows patients to see what their new nose may look like after surgery by uploading their own photos. This unique feature is an ideal tool for patient education - so when you come for your consultation at Park Avenue Facial Surgery, you will be well informed of what changes are possible and will understand the art of rhinoplasty better to express your concerns and goals with Dr. Rizk. Visit for more information on rhinoplasty techniques for teens and adults, women and men.