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Rhinoplasty Combined With Laser For Facial Wrinkles And Skin Tightening

As a person grows old, so does his skin on the body and face. The skin starts to sag and wrinkles appear and become deeper. In addition, the skin which tended to be tight starts loosening up. The degree of skin and facial aging can vary due to hereditary factors or due to a person’s diet, as well as prolonged exposure to pollution and the sun.

Advancements and technological innovations made in the last few years have made it possible for women and men to look younger than ever. There are several methods and techniques available that can prevent & delay the effects of facial aging. These include a few surgical procedures which require the use of instruments to making incisions and remove excess skin. There are also non-surgical methods in which facial retexturing and restructuring is achieved by using different types of lasers and fillers.

Lasers have been used for over a decade to improve skin texture. Dr. Sam Rizk often uses lasers for skin tightening, elimination of wrinkles and for maintaining a good skin texture. Rhinoplasty as a surgical procedure is used to restructure the nose. Coupled together with laser treatments for the face, nose surgery becomes even more effective in changing the overall appearance of a person.

One of the laser techniques used for the removal of wrinkles and to tighten skin makes use of carbon dioxide lasers to perform skin resurfacing. The new fractional carbon dioxide lasers emit high energy that penetrates the skin and can be very effective even after one treatment. Dr. Rizk explains that the fractional CO2 laser works well on darker skin types and on men, unlike earlier CO2 lasers.

The fractionated CO2 is a breakthrough technology for non-surgical rapid recovery facial skin rejuvenation, acne scar treatment and pore size reduction, and wrinkle reduction. Read more about this new laser used by Dr. Rizk in Vogue’s April 2009 article. It is combined with nose surgery to treat the thick-skinned large noses with large pores so that better nasal skin and smaller pores compliment the procedure. Also, this laser helps the nasal skin tighten faster after rhinoplasty quicker and improves nasal appearance. It can also be used on the rest of the face to obtain a better overall facial appearance. Cases of rhinophyma (excessive enlargement of sebaceous glands of the nose) can be deforming and fractionated CO2 treatment becomes a necessary compliment of the nose surgery to treat the deformed skin.

In many cases, the use of laser for the treatment of facial skin cannot achieve by itself the desired results that the doctor and the patient were aiming for. The laser then needs to be combined with other types of plastic surgeries for complete facial rejuvenation. Rhinoplasty can be an important aspect of facial rejuvenation, making the nose look attractive enough for the patient’s type of skin, after the skin is tightened and made almost wrinkle free.

Before a patient opts for nose surgery, it is important to consult a facial plastic surgeon as to whether other types of facial surgeries/non-surgical procedures should be performed in order to improve the patient’s overall appearance. As always, it is important to choose a highly qualified and an experienced facial plastic surgeon to maximize results.