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Are Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Better than Regular Surgeons?

Cover Article featuring Dr. Rizk as a NYC Surgeon and Pioneer of the 3D Facelift "The High Definition Lift"
Dr. Rizk Featured on Janet Charlton's Hollywood

Many plastic surgeons gain much fame for working on well known celebrities and creating well documented facial enhancements. But does that make them better than a less well-known plastic surgeon? Not at all. Think of Michael Jackson, would you want to go to the surgeon that made the late singer’s nose disappear?

Celebrity plastic surgeons are often well known because they have invested in marketing and capitalized on their celebrity connections. Once again, this does not make them a superior physician. Choosing a surgeon is an important and painstaking process. You must investigate credentials, expertise, experience and bedside manner to make sure you can communicate well with the doctor. Communication is of the utmost importance in order to clearly identify your goals and make sure that you and the doctor agree upon the outcome.

Perhaps you will find that the celebrity plastic surgeon has the expertise you want. Perhaps you will choose a less famous surgeon. New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon, Sam Rizk,, MD. FACS is a top facelift and rhinoplasty surgeon, sought after by VIP's, royalties and celebrities alike. He suggests the following tips in selecting a surgeon.

  1. Clearly identify your goals. Do you want a natural or tighter result? Are you interested in retaining an ethnic look as part of the outcome?
  2. Be sure you understand the surgeon’s vision for your face. You want a surgeon that has an artistic eye, a trained hand and technical skill.
  3. Review before and after photos of other patients. You need to understand the surgeon’s concept. You don’t want to choose a surgeon who may be technically expert but have a very different concept of beauty from you.
  4. Speak to former patients who have undergone a similar procedure. This firsthand feedback could be invaluable.
  5. Communication is key. In order to guarantee exceptional results, you much be able to communicate your expectations to the surgeon, who must also be able to give you realistic feedback.
  6. The surgeon must carefully explain the procedure to you. What is his approach, what will recovery be like, how long will the surgery take.
  7. Choose a surgeon who has done your potential procedure many times. The procedure must be performed many times in a month – not just once or twice.
  8. Don’t be embarrassed to ask any and all questions you may have. No question is inconsequential.