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Who Is A Good Candidate For Nose Surgery?

A good candidate for nose surgery can be anyone who is unhappy with their noses either from birth, injury or as a result of aging. If you are dissatisfied with your nose appearance, for example it is too large compared to other parts of your face, too wide when looking at it in a front view, there is a bump along the bridge of the nose, the nose is too small, crooked or too flat, you are having sinus or other breathing problems - then you are a potential candidate. Rhinoplasty patient often improve the overall harmony of their faces, as well as how the particular area looks like.

A good candidate for a rhinoplasty should be an adult, or 14 years or older (girls) and 15 years or older (boys), since their face still expand when they are younger. Candidates should be in a good health, both physically and mentally and their expectations should be realistic. Before having a consultation, you should have some idea as to how you would like to have your nose to look like. During consultation, make sure to discuss your expectations with the plastic surgeon. Based on that, the doctor will examine your nose using tools or techniques he/she developed. He might need to look at the overlying skin and underlying nasal bones and cartilage as well as evaluate how your facial features will affect the surgery’s results.