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Aesthetics in Rhinoplasty

The greatest challenge in performing rhinoplasty is applying aesthetic judgement to each individual case and customizing the procedure to the rest of that individual's face. While it may be true that artists are born and not made, some elementary criteria in preoperative assessment of patients can be made which can improve the results artistically. Many guidelines exist and have been published previously to delineate the requirements of a 'perfect nose", but these usually involve drawing complex lines on photographs-a medium that cannot be transferred or easily applied to the actual patient.

Dr. Sam Rizk, a New York rhinoplasty specialist, proposes a different idea that there is no "Universally Perfect Nose" and that there is instead an IDEAL NOSE for each individual. This concept of an ideal nose for each person also relates to Dr. Sam Rizk's belief of a nose that fits each individual and that does not completely change their ethnicity or what Dr. Rizk calls "Ethnic Preservation" Rhinoplasty. Ethnic preservation rhinoplasty is where changes are made where the individual's identity is not completely erased but rather the nose compliments the rest of the face. Ethnic preservation rhinoplasty can refer to Asian Rhinoplasty, Hispanic/Mestizo Rhinoplasty, African American Rhinoplasty, or Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty patients.

These different ethnicities mentioned have different facial types and the new nose needs to blend into and be in harmony with the person's facial type. A typical white nose may not be appropriate for these ethnicities. The United States is becoming a melting pot of the world and ethnic diversity in America makes it important for the facial plastic surgeon to deal appropriately with these noses to achieve an excellent rhinoplasty that lasts and functions well. Cartilage graft and implant technology becomes an integral part of the ethnic rhinoplasty to create structure that appears defined and natural.

Expert New York Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk has contributed significant advances in cartilage sculpting to create smooth contours rather than pointy or irregular contours through his powered instrumentation and sculpting of implants and grafts. This new techniques pioneered by Dr. Sam Rizk contrast to the older techniques of shaping cartilage grafts or implants with the surgical knife. The surgical knife creates sharp edges, in contrast to the smooth edges and contours created by powered sanding technology pioneered by Dr. Sam Rizk.

These ethnic patients pose significant challenges with their thick skin soft-tissue envelope. It is important to discuss the patient's goals and make them understand that a Western extremely narrow nose would not be suitable for their ethnic faces. In addition, an extremely thin nose on an ethnic patient may also be a nose which does not function well because a certain amount of cartilage support is needed to support the thick skin. Top NYC Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk spends a significant amount of time discussing what is feasible with the patient and what would look natural and on their face. Dr. Sam Rizk may choose not to perform the rhinoplasty if he feels the patient's goals are unrealistic or cannot be met. It becomes an artistic endeavor to use cartilage grafts and suture techniques to create a nose which looks defined, attractive and natural.