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Voted Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in New York [Castle Connolly Top Doctors 2008-2012Voted Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in New York [Castle Connolly Top Doctors 2008-2012]
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About Dr. Rizk's Rhinoplasty

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Dr. Sam Rizk’s unique combination of two valuable skill sets has led him to prominence in the world of facial plastic surgery. As an artist with a background in sculpting, Dr. Rizk has an eye for natural beauty, to complement his technical skill and training as a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. For a procedure as significant as facial plastic surgery, nothing is more important that knowing your doctor has the experience and expertise to provide you the best possible outcome. When you meet with Dr. Rizk, his top priority will be your happiness, and he will work with you to find the best solution for your unique features. Surgery may not be right for everyone though, and so Dr. Rizk must feel confident that your benefits far outweigh the potential risk, discomfort, and expense of the procedure. Because Dr. Rizk only performs procedures in which he truly specializes, you can be assured that any procedure he recommends will be right for you.

One of Dr. Rizk’s main procedure's is rhinoplasty. He is well known for the quality of work, accuracy, and the rapid recovery patients experience during this procedure. He was selected as a top doctor by Castle Connolly (2008 edition) and coupled with his accreditation as double board-certified surgeon (Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology), he is considered an expert in cosmetic surgery who grasps the inner structures of the nose as well as the cosmetic implications of surgical changes on a person’s facial appearance.

Having done thousands of noses, Dr. Rizk developed unique techniques that quicken the healing process and make the procedure almost painless. He is often treating other physicians and medical students who see him as a professional with deep understanding of the structure of the nose and taking care of different issues people deal with, such as bumps, very narrow/wide noses, breathing problems, as well as the connecting area between the lower part of the nose and the philtrum.

In some cases, patients come to see Dr. Rizk following an unsuccessful plastic surgery in which the doctor cut too much of the bone, cartilages and/or other tissues. Visit our photo galleries (men & women) to see actual cases of patients who were disfigured as a result of a previous rhinoplasty and had to be operated again to regain a normal look.

One of Dr. Rizk's innovations employed in rhinoplasty surgery include using a 3D high-definition telescope to have a closer look at each blood vessel and other tiny details in the patient’s nose during surgery, helping to differentiate between types of body tissues, fat and bone, and thus increasing the ability to sculpt the nose and cause minimal bleeding. This 3D high definition rhinoplasty helps Dr. Rizk preserve the soft tissue and muscle envelope of the nose which is important as a natural soft covering to the work which is done below on the cartilage and bone. It is very important to work under the muscles because by preserving the soft tissue envelope of the nose, the patients will avoid irregularities, sharp edges, and still will be able to maintain the soft look of their nose. Quick recovery is also achieved by minimizing cartilage removal and instead using sutures he designed to manipulate the shape of patients’ nose cartilages. By operating under the muscles and blood vessels, Dr. Rizk is able to avoid damaging valuable tissues, which further decreases recovery as well as helps to maintain a natural look post-surgery. Using specialized natural glues and herbal supplements contributes to quicker recovery and the nose doesn’t swell as much. As early as 1997, Dr. Sam Rizk contributed articles to professional rhinoplasty publications detailing his combined approach and the reduction in downtime to a week or less in most cases.

Over the years, Dr. Rizk treated many patients in the New York area as well as from other states and countries, who had a crooked, pointy/drooped tip, asymmetric nose, oversized nostrils, and unnatural angles following a previous surgery. Some of these issues require an addition of cartilage, which is used to reshape collapsed parts of the nose, as well as hide imperfections.

A good plastic surgeon has the aesthetic eye to balance between the overall size and shape of the face and the nose he gives to the patient. Some of his patients are teenagers who will look differently when they become adults, while others’ faces will mature with age and this has to be taken into account when planning a rhinoplasty. It is important to see pictures/videos of other patients before choosing a surgeon and read about him/her in message boards and on local NYC websites.

Special attention is given to patients from different ethnicities. For example, a person with short and thick-skinned nose (as is sometimes the case with Middle Eastern, Latin and African-American patients) can achieve a refined nose with thinner skin and defined tip. In other cases, especially with many Asian noses, a dorsal graft and tip grafting are used to create “depth” in the facial plane. In cases where silicon was used in a prior rhinoplasty, it will usually be replaced by a natural or a dorsal graft. If needed, nostrils can be narrowed by inner incisions which don’t leave visible scarring. As more patients choose to come from other countries to be treated by Dr. Rizk, a concierge takes care of all of their needs while staying in New York.

When you visit Dr. Rizk’s office for a consultation, you will meet with the doctor and his staff; see the accredited surgical facility he uses and the overall practice atmosphere. Your nose will be photographed and analyzed professionally, evaluating structure, areas of irregularity, and the surgeon will explain all possible surgical options and how he would address your unique situation. Dr. Rizk’s personality and his passionate approach often help patients to feel comfortable and confident in selecting him to perform their surgery.

Dr. Rizk is an active participant in humanitarian work, click here to read more.