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21st Century Rhinoplasty

As cosmetic surgery continues to advance, consumers want more individualized procedures. They are paying more attention to the techniques rhinoplasty surgeons are using and learning more about what they want before they come in for a consultation. Consumers are seeking out surgeons for a natural look. They do not want to look done or operated on anymore. Computer imaging has become a mainstay today, especially for patients considering rhinoplasty surgery. It can help illustrate what is possible so the patients know what to expect. Dr. Sam Rizk, New York Rhinoplasty surgeon is at the cutting edge of technology. He incorporates advanced three dimensional technology to aid him with delivering the most natural looking results of nasal procedures.  With high definition 3-D telescopic visualization of the nasal structures enables Dr. Sam Rizk to give his patients the most optimal outcomes. The end result is a beautifully naturally sculpted nose, smaller incisions, no visible scars, greater precision and a faster healing process.

A complex rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult operations in plastic surgery, because of the anatomical complexity of the nose and also because the procedure has both cosmetic and functional implications over the patient’s lifetime. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the long-term consequences of nasal anatomy to provide a long lasting result that will stand the test of time and last well throughout the patient's life. This requires a great attention to detail and high degree of expertise, skill and experience with rhinoplasty as well as a comprehensive knowledge of nasal anatomy and structures.

The consumer’s ideal concept of what makes a beautiful nose has changed a lot over the past decade. Rhinoplasty surgeons now have advanced tools and modern techniques that facilitate a more desirable shape, straighter nasal bridge and natural looking tip. The older pinched, scooped out, too small or upturned look of rhinoplasties of twenty years ago is not acceptable anymore by today’s standards. Rhinoplasty patients demand a more aesthetically appealing result, which is what Dr. Sam Rizk, rhinoplasty surgeon in New York, has devoted his practice to achieving.

To achieve a modern, natural, and un-operated look, Dr. Sam Rizk recommends the following:

  • Natural angle between nose and forehead, where it is not too high (called nasofrontal angle)
  • Natural angle between nose and upper lip (in women 100 degrees, in males 90)
  • Straight profile with no scoops or upturns
  • A naturally defined but rounded tip to avoid the old pinched look
  • Nostrils which are in proportion with the tip and not too small
  • Natural curves and connections within the different parts of the nose (the tip and nostrils, the tip and dorsum, the nose and face)