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Rhinoplasty Combined with a Chin Implant

Chin augmentation can work well with rhinoplasty and it is important to assess facial balance from the profile view of the patient. An aesthetically balanced face is the goal of every chinician and facial plastic surgeon. According to Dr. Sam Rizk, a New York City facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist, 20 percent of his rhinoplasty patients also undergo a chin implant to create better facial balance.

Sometimes, Dr. Rizk continues, "the deformities of a large nose and small chin coexist in about 20-30 percent of patients and this makes the face suffer from imbalance." Dr. Sam Rizk's goals are not just a "beautiful nose" but a "beautiful nose in harmony with the rest of the face" which helps create a beautiful face. A beautiful nose in isolation is not enough. Rhinoplasty can reduce the size of the nose, and a chin implant can address the facial balance. By not addressing the chin when performing rhinoplasty, patients could experience postoperative disappointment with the procedure.

Chin implants are usually placed from a small incision under the chin and are made of either silicone or other materials. Silicone implants for the chin are good, unlike the nose, because the placement is very deep under the chin muscles. Other materials for chin implants are Gortex or Medpor. They usually last forever and rarely have to be changed. Complications of chin implants may include infection or movement, but this is rare. If they become infected, they have to be removed.

There are many different shapes to a chin implant. The newer implants contour better to the front of the jawline and are more curved than the older, shorter implants. Dr. Rizk does not recommend placing chin implants from inside the mouth because they have a higher rate of infection with the bacteria inside the mouth. Also, if placed from inside the mouth, they tend to move more.

Chin implants can be placed as early as 15 years old. There is some associated numbness in that area under the chin for a few weeks and patients have to eat soft food for a few days. Patients are also placed on antibiotics after the surgery. Pain is usually mild.

Occasionally there is some excess fat under the chin which occurs at a very early age and is hereditary and Dr. Rizk may choose to perform chin liposuction at the same time as a chin implant and this is done from the same incision under the chin.

Dr. Rizk will evaluate your whole face in consultation from front and profile views and decide if you are a good candidate for a chin implant. Computer imaging for the chin and nose from the profile views are very helpful to show the change.

  • Case 1 - Rhinoplasty Combined with a Chin Implant - Before and After - front view
    Case 1 - Rhinoplasty Combined with a Chin Implant - Before and After - side view

    15 year old female concerned with size and length of her nose. Patient shown 1 year after neck liposuction, chin implant, and rhinoplasty.

  • Case 2 - Rhinoplasty Combined with a Chin Implant - Before and After - front view
    Case 2 - Rhinoplasty Combined with a Chin Implant - Before and After - side view

    24 year old female requesting rhinoplasty. Patient has a tension nose and is overprojected and overrotated with overgrown tip cartilages. It was also recommended she have a chin implant at the same time. Patient is shown 6 months post rhinoplasty and chin implant. The rhinoplasty was performed from an endonasal approach with no external incision. The nose was deprojected (brought in closer to face) and tip cartilages were reduced and tip-binding stitches, which further define the tip, were placed. The chin implant was placed through a small incision under the chin. Postoperative pictures are taken at 6 months and the nose is still not as completely defined as it will be at 1 year.

  • Case 3 - Rhinoplasty Combined with a Chin Implant - Before and After

    Patient is 33 yo Latino male who wanted better balance between his nose and chin and underwent rhinoplasty to remove the nasal bump and chin implant, neck liposuction, and necklift to define and project his chin more. Dr. Rizk does a special muscle tuck under the chin with 3d telescopes to achieve a better result than with just liposuction. This neck procedure is done only from a small incision under the chin and does not involve incisions around the ears.

  • Case 1 - Rhinoplasty Combined with a Chin Implant - Before and After - front view
    Case 1 - Rhinoplasty Combined with a Chin Implant - Before and After - side view

    This patient is 37 yo female who complained mainly about her profile. There is an imbalance between her nose and chin. She wanted a very conservative bump reduction. Nose was re-projected (brought closer to face), bump was reduced and tip was lifted slightly and a chin implant was also placed for facial balance. Postoperative pictures are shown at 1 year.