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Internet Consultation

Dr. Rizk is highly respected by his patients and peers for his endeavors in the area of rhinoplasty. His advanced techniques, precision, and artistic eye allow him to shape a natural nose that brings harmony and balance to the face. As such, Dr. Rizk’s skills are in high demand in New York and beyond. Patients who cannot easily travel to NYC for a consultation with Dr. Rizk can benefit from an internet consultation, a unique process that he has created to assist his out-of-town patients. After reading through the process below, please do not hesitate to contact our NY office if you have any remaining questions or concerns about the process.

  • Download and print the patient registration form. Be sure to answer all of the questions as completely and accurately as possible. Sign the form in the appropriate places and then scan the document and save it to your computer.
  • Have a friend or family member take 6 high-resolution photos of your face from the angles listed below. The photos should be taken with only your face in the frame (rather than your entire body) to provide Dr. Rizk with enough detail. Be sure to use adequate lighting so that no shadows fall on your face. The photos should be taken against a plain, solid background. Please look at the example photos as a reference for how the pictures should be taken.
    1. Frontal view, facing the camera straight on
    2. Left profile view
    3. Right profile view
    4. Left oblique view (angle your face away from the camera so only 3/4 of your face is showing)
    5. Right oblique view (again, angled away from the camera, but towards the right)
    6. Base view, with your chin angled upwards, showing both your chin and nose
  • Front View Photo

    Front View

  • Side View Right Photo

    Side View Right

  • Side View Left Photo

    Side View Left

  • 3/4 View Left

    3/4 View Left

  • 3/4 View Right

    3/4 View Right

  • Base View

    Base View

  • Email the completed patient registration form and the 6 photos to Be sure that you have attached all 6 images and the form to avoid any delays in processing your request.
  • Once he has received your registration form and photos, Dr. Rizk will review the photos to determine if you would be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty.
  • You will receive an email response from Dr. Rizk’s office within 10 days of submitting your request that will include his thoughts on your rhinoplasty and a quote for the surgery. If you would like to speak with Dr. Rizk via phone to discuss his recommendations, you can arrange for a phone consultation. We charge $350 for a phone consultation with Dr. Rizk, which can be applied to your surgical fee if you decide to proceed with the rhinoplasty.

Most patients find the internet consultation process to be a very easy way to work with Dr. Rizk when they cannot travel to Manhattan for an in person consultation. If you have any questions or are unsure of how to take clear photos of your face, please contact our office manager. We’re happy to walk you through the steps so you can begin the process as soon as you’re ready.