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Finesse Rhinoplasty in New York

Tatler Magazine (2013) - Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in NYC/New York

Finesse rhinoplasty surgery is a term used for patients who are undertaking a subtle adjustment to the specific parts of their noses, in which the surgeon might not need to do extensive work on other components of the nose. Most of the patients who are seeking this type of surgical procedure may have a really nice nose before operation already, but need slight improvement to meet their ideal goals by the small changes. For example, they may only want to correct the nose tip. This type of rhinoplasty requires a highly skilled and experienced surgeon in order to perform this detailed operation that aims at fine tuning and precision work. The patients who seek this small improvement are usually not willing to have a dramatic change that everyone would notice.

According to Dr. Sam Rizk, a NYC double board certified facial plastic surgeon, "Not every patient is suited for Finesse rhinoplasty, some might need other types of rhinoplasty surgery due to their individual conditions. For example, if the patient has a crooked nose, then he/she may need a specific type of surgical procedure to cure the  problem (such as “Deviated Septum” and “Septoplasty” surgeries)." The Finesse Rhinoplasty procedure does not necessarily involve work on nasal tissue, sometimes it could involve fixing a small bony deformity that is bothering the patient. But even with a small change, the surgeon’s patience and skills are required. It is still hard work and precise control is strongly necessary from the surgeon.

Dr. Rizk operates at his Park Avenue practice with the help of 3D high definition telescopes in order to achieve precise and fine results for his patients. This technology helps patients to shorten the healing process, especially for Finesse rhinoplasty, where patients are usually concerned about other people noticing. Many of Dr. Rizk’s patients who have undergone Finesse rhinoplasty surgery are actors, actresses, models and people who are seeking a subtle change.

However, like all other types of rhinoplasty surgeries, there are risks and complications. While Finesse rhinoplasty makes minor changes to the nose, there are still precautions that must be taken.

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