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Changing Trends for Nasal Refinement

If you are tired of a prominent bump on your nose or if your nasal profile seems to be dwarfing your chin and jawline, nasal refinement procedures are on the rise. Rhinoplasty has increased in popularity among adults, both women and men. A subtle improvement in the shape of the nose can make a huge impact on your overall appearance. For adults, Top New York Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk tends to avoid dramatic changes.

Wide, crooked, or protruding nasal bones can be realigned to create a more distinguished look to the nose. If the nose needs to be built up or enlarged in certain areas, Dr. Sam Rizk may use grafts of cartilage other materials. The bones and cartilage can be skillfully narrowed, and the skin and soft tissues will then redrape themselves over the bony architecture of the new nasal shape.

Expert New York Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk can also correct breathing problems at the same time by removing any internal obstructions (deviated septum or enlarged turbinates). Nasal operations are often combined with a chin implant to improve facial contours and proportions; the projection of the nose is reduced and the chin projection is extended for a more balanced and youthful appearance.

As beauty standards have evolved over the years, the definition of an attractive nose has changed over time. Chin augmentation can be performed simultaneously with a rhinoplasty to bring the face into better alignment. In some cases, you may not recognize the value of a well defined chin and identify the nose as the offending feature, especially because it may tend to look larger in comparison to a receding or small chin. In some cases, by adding a chin implant, New York Facial Plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk may opt to reduce the dorsum of the nose less, which is particularly helpful in individuals who have thick skin that might not retract as well with a greater cartilage or bony removal. It is important to choose a highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon like double board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk to achieve the best possible surgical result from rhinoplasty and chin augmentation procedures.